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Dr. Metta and Jonas of Sepco at an Eco-Awareness Event

Sepco Industries’ CEO, Dr. Metta Visessombat and COO, Jonas Wadenholm joined a community event hosted by the Nong Prue Municipality to build awareness of the need to find sustainable solutions to the excessive waste crisis.

Nong Prue is essentially a suburb of the dazzling beach city of Pattaya in Thailand, and more importantly, it is the municipality where one of the first fully commercially operating Polypetron™ Gen. 5 Waste Plastic to Fuel Production Facilities is being set up. Nong Prue alone has a volume of 120-150 tons of solid municipal waste per day. Pattaya City produces over 400 tons of waste daily.

This event which was graced by the Governor of Chonburi Province as guest of honor, featured Dr. Metta and Jonas among its main speakers. The Mayor of Nong Prue in addressing the audience, offered tribute to the Founding Researchers of Sepco Industries who have tirelessly labored for over 18 years to perfect our pyrolysis system up to the current fifth generation Polypetron™ model which has the capacity of turning 20 tons of plastic waste into an average of 15,000 liters of fuel per day. Significantly, the process is ultra clean and efficient, and the pyrolysis oil product draws a premium price due to its superior quality and the high diesel yield it delivers. This information caused quite a buzz among government officials and general citizens alike who were present at the event.

Attendees listened with rapt attention as Dr. Metta and Jonas articulated the manifold benefits of our innovative system. Many of them consequently paid a visit to Sepco’s booth and presentation table which showcased the fuels produced by our process along with other beneficial byproducts. We also had on display samples of other useful products that can be developed from non-plastic and organic waste matter, offering a total circular economy model.

This highly successful event further cemented the strong relationship already being forged between Sepco, administration officials and local residents of Nong Prue, the site of one of our first model communities for sustainable and eco-friendly waste management.


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