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The Polypetron™ System features continuously operating screw-type reactors which are fully enclosed. The system is operational 24 hours per day, 330 days a year (30-35 days per year are required for system maintenance)


Projected production from 20 tons of plastic per day is:

  • Pyrolysis Crude Oil - 16,940 liters

  • Solid (Char) – 2.83 tons

  • Gas – 1.89 tons


Refined Product (with optional Distillation System add-on):

  • Diesel – 11,858 liters

  • Gasoline – 1,711.43 liters

  • Solid (Char) – 0.99 tons

  • Gas – 1.41 tons



The system accepts any type of plastic except PVC. PET plastic is not recommended due to low fuel yield produced. Our current standard PPT20 Model is optimized for disposal/conversion of waste plastic bags, and can handle mixed plastic waste that is shredded to a size of less than 8 centimeters per piece. Specialized solutions for converting tire, rubber, oil sludge, and/or petroleum-based medical waste may be available in the future. Current requests may be evaluated subject to feasibility on a case-by-case basis at additional cost. 

Heating the Reactor:

The Polypetron™ Gen. 5 PPT20 Model requires 1.75MW of thermal energy per hour. Heating of the reactor is structured using 50% gas and char residue from the process, and 50% pyrolysis fuel produced from the process. Our closed loop system requires only ≈ 1,000 liters of the oil produced to be reverted back to the heating chamber. Alternatively, any heating fuel can be used such as wood pellets, coal, gas, diesel, etc.

Electrical Power Consumption:

55kW per hour, or less than one kWh of electricity per liter of fuel produced.


24-hour operation takes a workforce of 10-12 persons (3-4 per eight-hour shift).



The production plant property should have a minimum land area of 3,000 square meters, although 4,000-4,500 square meters is recommended to allow for expansion.



  • Factory building: Floor area – 30x25m. Roof area – 20x15x10m. Load – 3,000kg./sq. m.

  • Warehouse: Floor area – 20x40m. Ceiling clearance – 6-8 m. Load – 1,500kg./sq. m.


International Standards:

Sepco ensures Polypetron™ Systems compliant to standard qualifications of the region of installation. We insist on machinery manufacture with safety and quality standards that are on par with international regulations such as BS, EN, DIN, ASMT, etc.


Warranty and Service:

Training and after service, plus complete conditional warranty of machinery components for one year from time of commissioning.


Service Life:

Minimum 10 years. Life Expectancy: more than 15-20 years.

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