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An official contingent of Finnish Embassy officials was accompanied by professionals from the environmental, technology, finance and energy sectors of Finland for an official visit to Sepco’s research facility in Saraburi, as well as the Center of Energy and Fuels from Biomass, of Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Science, to see firsthand the progress achieved in development of the Polypetron™ Gen. 5 Waste Plastic to Fuel Production System.

The Founder and CEO of Sepco Industries Co., Ltd., Dr. Metta Visessombat and the Chief Engineering Officer, Mr. Tawat Kulabusaya greeted the entourage and treated the fascinated visitors to a complete tour of the facility with both the 1st and 5th generations of the Polypetron™ operating for all to see. They were impressed at the absence of any foul odors or toxic fumes, as well as of course the golden fuel from waste plastic flowing into storage tanks.

Fellow countryman, and Sepco’s Director of Business Development, Mr. Jussi Veikko Saloranta provided further in-depth information on the progress of the business and discussed a roadmap for speeding up the process of setting up Sepco’s first production plant in Finland.

The diverse group included the representative of Business Finland, representatives of the VTT (Technical Research Center of Finland), members of the Finnish-Thai Chamber of Commerce, the Founder of River Recycle – a company set up for handling plastic waste in rivers and canals before it reaches the oceans together with the officials from the Embassy of Finland. All are eager to combine efforts and make use of Sepco’s unique technology towards solving the global environmental crisis of excessive plastic waste.

Sepco is extremely proud to be receiving such high levels of interest and eagerness for partnership from prominent governmental and private organizations and individuals.

Look out for expansion of this innovative waste plastic to fuel enterprise around the world.


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