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Sepco Industries Company Limited is the proprietor, sole manufacturer and distributor of the Polypetron™ Gen. 5 Waste Plastic to Fuel Production System. It is a turnkey solution which can be conveniently assembled onsite at any location that meets our installation requirements and complies with local regulations.

The Founders of Sepco Industries, working as independent researchers with academic support from the Center of Energy and Fuels from Biomass, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, have been actively involved in research and development of pyrolysis technologies since the 1990’s starting with tire pyrolysis before moving into plastic pyrolysis. They designed and built the Polypetron™ Gen. 1 Waste Plastic to Fuel in 2003. It still functions today.


The current Polypetron™ Gen. 5 model has broken new ground in design and innovation, featuring a fully enclosed, fully continuous system with the capacity to produce 15,000 liters of crude oil equivalent per day, per module, while disposing of 20,000 kilograms of waste plastic.

Sepco Industries Company Limited was established in September 2018, to commercialize this innovative technology which has been in research and development for decades.

About Us

An estimated 6.3 billion tons of plastic waste had been generated as of 2015, of which only 9% was recycled. If current plastic production and waste management trends continue, 12 billion tons of plastic will be in landfills and the natural environment by 2050.

Global plastic production was reported to be around 299 million metric tons in 2013, increasing to 335 million metric tons in 2016.  

It has been calculated that 275 million metric tons of plastic waste was generated in 192 coastal countries in 2010, with up to 12.7 million tons entering the ocean in a single year. Following this trend, the total weight of plastic in the oceans will exceed the weight of fish by 2050.

The United Nations reported that the approximate environmental damage caused by plastic to marine ecosystems comes to 13 billion US Dollars.

Planet Plastic
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The Polypetron™ Gen. 5 applies pyrolysis technology for converting waste plastics into high quality low-carbon fuel using an innovative continuous process which produces no pollution whatsoever. Our flagship PPT20 model is able to convert 20 tons of waste plastic into 15,000 liters of pyrolysis crude oil which is equivalent to sweet or light crude, but of superior quality due to low bitumen content. Our crude oil equivalent product can be used to power low-speed diesel engines, or be further refined to produce alternative diesel, gasoline and kerosene.

Viability of our business and production model has been proven with genuine use cases, both through the sale of pyrolysis fuel oil for industrial machinery and agricultural equipment, and the diesel produced being provided for testing to the BMTA – one of the largest bus companies in Thailand. Independent fuel analysis testing has proven our fuel to be of superior quality. Key markets for our fuel include the shipping industry, and oil traders and refineries due to the high alternative diesel yield it delivers and its qualification as "advanced biofuel".

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The Polypetron

Sepco Industries Co., Ltd. is headed up by a veritable who's who in the Petroleum and Energy sector of Thailand and supported by esteemed and distinguished engineers and academics of the highest caliber along with leaders in the banking and finance sector and numerous other industries. 

The Founders of Sepco Industries Co., Ltd. have enjoyed academic support from The Center of Fuels and Energy from Biomass, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University in their pyrolysis research. At the National Competition of New Business in 2011, our Chief Engineer received a Gold Medal from the Ministry of Science and Technology for “Car Tires Pyrolysis”.

The Team
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Sepco Industries Company Limited

16 Rama IX soi 45

Suan Luang

Bangkok 10250, Thailand

Tel.: +6689 478 1333 (9:00 - 17:00 Bangkok Time)


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